Cereal Con Cariño


Breakfast time is usually chaotic in our home. The baby wants to be fed quickly and then nursed right after while our oldest, Mia, wants her usual PB hold the jelly sandwich and a side of fresh sliced strawberries or fresh steel cut oatmeal with pasas. But some days, all she really wants is a big girl bowl of Cheerios with a side of fresh fruit. Those days are reserved for when she’s been extra good. But to be honest, it’s a win-win for us to serve her Cheerios as it’s a healthier gluten-free cereal and there’s no cooking involved in making it. Hence, less dishes for this mama to wash.


And although our big girl already knows how to serve herself, I still love serving her a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I also give her tons of kisses and a big morning hug along with it. It’s my way of giving her cariñitos and showing her how much I care about her and love her. A morning tradition I plan to keep doing forever. Well, as long as she lets me that is.


Sometimes we just have tea party picnics in our backyard, fill our tea cups with Cheerios and read books. And speaking of, how neat are these Lil’ Libros bilingual books? We love reading books to our girls in both Spanish and English. And more importantly, taking them to events that focus on our cultura. These Lil’ Libros books tie them both (culture and language) perfectly. Be sure to stay tuned for a giveaway this week.Cheerios-Cereal-Con-Cariño

Today, we partnered up with Cheerios for Hispanic Heritage month to share their exclusive “Cereal con Cariño” video series. The videos bring together familiar faces over a bowl of General Mills cereal to chat about how to “demonstrar cariño” to our loved ones.  General Mills believes food brings people together and cariño can happen anytime, even over a bowl of cereal.

Be sure to visit the General Mills site to also download recipes, learn about upcoming Fiestas Patrias and Dia de los muertos events and find coupons and deals on your favorite cereal.

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  1. So wonderful that you read in both English and Spanish. Our kids have been eating Cheerios since they were infants and still love them for breakfast. It’s actually the only cereal they’ve ever had. Heading over for the coupons now. Have a great day!

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