Halloween DIY: Bat Decor #HalloweenDIYDecorations

Halloween-DIY-Decorations-BatsWith Halloween being just around the corner, I wanted to share one last DIY you can make with your little ones. It’s tons of fun and easy to do… two of my favorite words. Because let’s face it, as moms we already have our hands full caring for our children and working on projects around the house that require too much of our time will most likely end up at the bottom of our to-do list!

Halloween-DIY-Decorations-Bats DIY Bat Garland

Items Needed:

– Black poster board: Found ours at our local Dollar Tree store

– Bat Template: I used Country Livings template. Click HERE to download it for FREE.

– Scissors

– Glue Dots/Tape: Purchased the glue dots at our local craft store

– Marker: Used a black sharpie but anything that can be seen against black poster board will work

– Black Yarn

– Hole Puncher

Halloween-DIY-Decorations-BatsDirections: Trace the bat template using a sharpie onto the black poster board. Make as many as you’d like. The more the longer your garland will be. Cut out the bats from the poster board. Tap center pieces together. Hole punch the tips of the wings, slide bats through yarn and hang up garland. Done and done!

Speaking of bats, would you believe me if I said this is the exact manzanita tree we used for our wedding centerpieces? Yes, this tree is somehow still being schlepped around in our family. It’s also a perfect centerpiece for any season! Hence, Halloween bats! 😉 Side note: I purchased multiple manzanita trees at the Los Angeles Flower Mart for $20 each. The glittery bats are from the 99 Cents Only store. They came in packs of five. Score!Halloween-DIY-Decorations-Bats

Cheers to inexpensive holiday decorations!

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