DIY Frames – Holiday Décor

DIY Frames - HolidayHappy holidays!

A few months ago, I posted a photo on my Instagram account of a couple of frames I fell in love with over at my OBGYN’s office. Interestingly enough, I received a few emails asking me if I was pregnant along with high fives on the actual frames. In retrospect, I should have known a photo at my OBGYN’s office would have raised some eyebrows. Well, no I’m not preggers (at least not that I know of) but I simply had to share for the sake of the frames. I mean they’re adorable, right? Could just very well be the actual photos themselves but hey, either way, I’m in love!Newborn - Photography - Frames

So a few weeks ago, I decided to put my DIY hobby to the test. I was on the hunt to make these similar frames at little to no cost. No surprise there. All it took was a few clearance finds at Michaels® to get my wheels spinning. DIY-Frames-Holiday-Christmas-Home Decor


These natural wood pieces came in a few sizes and I was able to score them for less than $1 each! Just a little black and white paint along with my toddlers Elmer’s glue and viola! So inexpensive and perfect for our home décor. I simply added a few of our favorite photos and a print we received in the mail from Khols. Yes, you read that correctly, Khols! It reads, ” We’re Making Spirits Bright.” Upcycling at its best.

DIY-Frames-Holiday-Christmas-Home Decor

DIY-Frames-Holiday-Christmas-Home Decor


Cheers to decorating on a budget! –Gladys

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