DIY Toddler Pillow Fort And More


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For those days when the weather is a bit too chilly or even too wet to play outside, we build pillow forts and play with popcorn. Ok, and snack on it too!

Here’s how we created a Valentine’s day themed pillow fort in under 5 minutes.

Items Used:

  • Pillows
  • An old flannel sheet
  • Pop up tent
  • Red doily hearts (Target dollar bins)
  • Tape
  • Holiday lights
  • Kitchen Clips
  • DIY Pop Secret popcorn garland

First, we draped an old flannel sheet over our pop up tent and secured it using kitchen clips. Second, we placed Mia’s favorite pillows and a string of holiday lights around the inside of the fort. Lastly, we added red doily hearts onto the outside of the fort using tape and placed a DIY Pop Secret popcorn garland along the top portion of our fort.

Pop-Secret-Pillow-Fort Pop-Secret-Pillow-Fort













I got my toddler to create a Valentine’s Day popcorn garland for her fort earlier in the day. We talked about making the fort and surprising papí with it once he got home from work. She said “he’s going to love my Valentine’s Day necklace (a.k.a garland) so much!” Talk about building excitement throughout the day!

Here’s what we used for the garland.

  • A bag of Pop Secret popcorn
  • Red construction paper
  • Hole puncher (ours happens to have a star shape)
  • Red glitter glue (found at Dollar Tree)
  • Red thread
  • Needle
  • Parchment paper

Place and line popcorn onto parchment paper. Let your little ones drizzle red glitter glue onto the individual popcorn pieces and then sprinkle the red confetti (made using hole puncher) over glue. Once dry, thread the popcorn and let your little ones place it onto their fort.



Pop-Secret-Pillow-Fort While the garland was drying, Mia sneaked into the fort to read her new favorite book, ¡Salta, Ranita, Salta!.


Pop-Secret-Pillow-Fort Papi got home from work and we showed him the Valentine’s day pillow fort. Naturally, he loved it and went inside with Mia. They talked about watching a movie and eating popcorn inside her fort. So they dragged the fort into the living room, put on Mia’s current favorite movie which happens to be the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (this was surely encouraged by her daddy), laid down in the fort and snacked away on Pop Secret’s Old Fashioned Kettle Corn. By the way, kettle corn is our absolute favorite! It also happens to be less than 35 calories per cup!



Have you made any forts with your little ones this season? If you already have photos of your kids building a fort or have plans to build one perhaps today (wink, wink), post your pillow fort stories and photos onto Pop Secret’s Facebook page timeline and tag them #PopSecretForts for a chance to win fun prizes and rewards. Also, be sure to print out Pop Secret’s coupon here before you head out to the grocery store to purchase yours. The coupon comes with a variety of free flag printables for your pillow fort! 😉

Pop-Secret-Pillow-Fort Thank you to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring us to build a toddler Valentine’s Day themed pillow fort.


Cheers to creating memories! — Gladys

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