Everybody Loves REY

ReyLet me start by saying that my hubby is more than likely going to kill me for doing a post about him. Ha! Sorry not sorry love.

You see, today is my husband’s birthday. He turns thirty something years young. I think after 3o you just don’t keep track anymore, right? Funny how I remember buying him his first beer at a Dodger game exactly 14 years ago for his 21st birthday. Best date ever!

Anyhow, not for nothing but everybody that has come into contact with him can attest that he is the most genuine, humble, sweet, down to earth kinda person there can exist. He’s known to blur out movie quotes all day long and sing 80s and 90s rap song over and over again. He’s got an amazing sense of humor and can give you sports facts and stats without even thinking twice about it. I swear he should of been a sports announcer! He’s the most amazing daddy our little girl could ever ask for. Literally!


He’s Rey, my husband, my rock, the calm to my crazy storms, the most handsome man I know, my favorite comedian: sports announcer, rapper, movie trivia buff and most of all my best friend. I love you babe! Hope you have an amazing birthday!



Your Wifey and Mia-gee


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