Halloween Decor: Black & White

I confess, I’m a bit obsessed with black and white decor and its contrast. This year, I decided to just incorporate a few DIY black and white spooky halloween pieces to our black and white dining room decor. It definitely keeps things looking clean and meshes well all together.

I got inspired to do this when I started working on a Halloween black and white table runner which could also be used again and again for other holidays and/or celebrations. Here are a few easy DIY ideas to spruce up your home during this Boo-tiful holiday.

halloweendecorBlack & White Dining Table Runner

I found a piece of 100% white polyester material in our home office from a project I had worked on a few years back. I wanted to put it to good use and since our dining area was a bit bare, I decided to make a table runner with it.

 Items Needed 



Measure your dining table and determine which dimensions you’d prefer for your runner. I have a rather long table so I cut a 135″x15″ rectangle. Using a sewing machine, perform a simple stitch on all four ends of the material.


Cover your working table with parchment paper to prevent paint from getting onto your table. Fold the runner in half horizontally to determine stencil starting point. Tape down all four sides using painters tape. You can also use stencil adhesive spray instead.

Poor paint into tray and roll your high density roller into the paint. Be sure to take off as much paint as possible from the roller as too much paint will cause the paint to seep through the material.


Let the paint dry for a few minutes then carefully align the stencil to match the previous painted area. Repeat this process until the runner is complete.

IMG_1008Add  white stretched spider webs in the form of a valance at each end of the table runner and dangle some spiders using black yarn. As mentioned, you can reuse this runner by simply removing the spider webs and dangling spiders.


Halloween Ornament Wall

Create a $3 Halloween ornament wall using small paper plates, black yarn and velvet spiders from your local dollar store. Hole punch paper plates on the top middle section and pass a piece of black yarn through them.

IMG_1015Tie a knot at the end of each piece of yarn to create a loop. Insert clear pins to your wall. We have drywall so the pins are easy to insert into our walls but you can also use damage free clear mini hooks.

Wrap a small piece of black yarn around the middle section of each velvet spider and tie a knot.  Hang the spiders off of the pins. Be sure your yarn is short enough to cover the pins or clear hooks.IMG_1013


White Pumpkins

Spray paint pumpkins in white to give them a crisp modern look. IMG_1169

Add a velvet covered spider using black yarn.IMG_1139

Boo! Banner

Create a Boo! banner using black and white poster boards from dollar store, a circle cutter, alphabet stencils, scissors, glue, hole puncher and black and white ribbon. Cut four 7″ black circles and four 6″ white circles using poster boards and circle cutter. Trace stencil onto black poster board and cut out letters and exclamation mark. Glue together and hole punch the top middle section. Pass ribbon through and hang.

IMG_1012IMG_1133 halloweendecor

Also, be sure to check out the Egg-free Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cinnamon Agave Frosting Recipe for your next Halloween bash.


Have a Boo-tiful Day!




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