The Home Depot: Free Kids Workshops

kids-workshopLast weekend, Southern California was hit with a rather unusual severe storm. By that I mean, a mild storm according to national standards but severe storm according to us Californians. Yes, I’m admitting we are spoiled at times with great weather but Mother Nature decided to change things up and left a partying gift for our lovely abode. She decided to do away with the fencing around our home. Oh the joys of being a home owner. No biggie right? I’m sure other home owners are shaking their heads as they read this thinking “We’ve had it worse.” Totally agree. This partying gift should be an easy fix.

So we headed to The Home Depot to check out a few fencing options. Mind you, it was still raining cats and dogs when we arrived. We ran across the parking lot and entered the store. To our surprise, The Home Depot had a kids workshop which was sponsored by the kid movie “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”. I’ve always wanted to attend one of these workshops but never made time to sign up and go. So there we were, walking towards the fencing area when all we kept hearing were kids screaming, laughing and hammering away. We just had to join in on all the fun! Ahem. Madness.

We were immediately greeted by a couple Home Depot employees. They had us sign-in and gave us a workshop kit which contained materials to build a Trojan Horse Bank. One of the employees came around and placed a mini home depot apron on Mia which had her name on it. Let me just say, the bright orange mini apron was so stinkin’ adorable! They also placed a Mr. Peabody & Sherman pin onto her apron. The HD staff mentioned that she could get a new pin every time she completed a new workshop. How awesome is that? Mia was beyond excited!




Onto the good stuff. There were plenty of  large tables with tools, glue, trash bins and even step stools for the little ones to use. The workshop kit also included instructions which were ultra easy to read and follow. It was so neat watching my 2 year-old use her brain to figure out how to put this neat bank together. My heart melted as I saw how proud she was to build her own ‘horsie’ (i.e. with the help of daddy and mamá of coarse).





So to that point, according to Tovah Klein, PhD, director of the Bernard College Center for Toddler Development, “When a new skill is mastered, the toddler has a feeling of, “I did it!” spurring them on to try other things and play more.” In addition to, “play allows them to figure out their newly discovered self, the world around them, their feelings and experiences as well as what goes together and comes apart. Figuring-it-all-out is the heart of toddler play,” says Klein.

Interestingly enough, The Home Depot Kids Workshops are designed to teach children do-it-yourself skills, tool safety and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. So go ahead, sign up for the kids monthly workshops here. They’re free and tons of fun. Plus you’re helping shape your kids behavior and development all at once.


Cheers To Free Kid Workshops!

P.S. For additional info on The Home Depot Workshops click here.

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