Mom Fashion Tips: Summer Shades

Let me start by saying that, yes, I might be a tad obsessed with sunglasses. I really think shades or glasses in general, are the best accessory anyone can wear. And if you’re anything like me, I lose these things just as much as I do my hair scrunchies. Anybody else with me on this one? I mean come on. One day I have a pair of shades in my diaper bag and then viola! the next day it just magically disappears. Little sticky fingers are usually the culprit. Ahem, Mia. I’ve found some of them looking mighty “stylish” as she calls it on her stuffed animals others have just gone somewhere into the abyss. But regardless, just another excuse to buy new ones, right?

These Betsy Johnson Betsyville shades help frame the shape of my face and are perfect for summer. Found them on clearance at my favorite store, and at only $7.48 each (70% off), I had to buy multiples. Is that a deal or what?

Betsy Johnson-Betsyville-sunglasses-target-women

Betsy Johnson-Betsyville-sunglasses-target-women

Happy Shopping!

Abrazos (Hugs) — Gladys

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