3 Tips To Keep You On-Budget With Family Holiday Cards

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays, but before you start to stress about all the gifts you still have to purchase or what you still need to make, decorate, attend, and so on, I thought I’d share a few tips that may help you stay within budget when it comes to family holiday cards.

1. Create A Budget

First things first, decide on a budget. Be honest with yourself and consult you’re pocketbook.

2. Create A List

Creating a list with the names of all your friends and family members you plan on sending a holiday card to will help determine how much you can spend per card and again, help you stay within your budget.

3. Get Creative!

A) Hiring a professional photographer is the way to go but if you’re on a tight budget this holiday season, paying for a photographer fee may not be feasible. Instead, ask a friend to take photos of your family and in turn you take photos of theirs. Just be sure to agree on the date, time and location. Having additional adults on hand is always a plus – helps keep multiple eyes on all the kiddos while the photo shoot is in progress. This year, I asked my sister to take our family holiday photos. No fancy expensive cameras used. Simply a couple iphones and a tree farm as our backdrop. “Auntie Buddy,” as Mia calls my sister, did a fantastic job. We love all the photos she took. 😉

B) Use editing sites to edit your own photos. My go to editing site is PicMonkey.com. It’s free and offers endless options including a design section in which you can create your very own family holiday card.

c) Lastly, depending on your budget and total number of cards needed, here are a few inexpensive ideas on how to create and print your holiday cards.

1. ¢0.33- ¢0.69/card: Friend/family photo taker + free editing site + Costco Photo Center. Costco offers a set of 50 6×7 1/2 cards for $14.99 or $17.25 for a set of 25 premium stationary cards. Note: The Costco Photo Center gives you the option to print your very own design or choose from a wide selection of Costco templates.


2. Less than $1/ card: Family/Friend photo taker + free editing site + your printer. If you already have a photo printer at home, use it! Depending on what type of paper you prefer, you can easily print your very own holiday card for under $1 each. Note: Staples.com sells a pack of 10 photo card sheets for $8.99 or a pack of 50 5×7 photo sheets for $17.99.

3. $1-2 /card budget: Friend/family photo taker + free editing site + custom card site. Sites such as Tinyprints.com or Paperculture.com offer discounts right around this time of year. Tinyprints.com is currently offering 40% off + free shipping until 12/9/14. Note: Although there are many custom card sites to choose from, I’m simply mentioning a couple of my favorite that happen to have a sale going on today. Hint, Hint.;)


Cheers to creating the perfect holiday card all while sticking to your budget!

— Gladys