Baby Nursery: Pink, Black + White


DSC_2198-1 As promised, I finally made time to snap a few photos and share where we were able to score some great finds for our baby nursery. Let it be known; however, that it’s still a work in progress (i.e. still need to find a perfect rug and side table, any suggestions?). It also happens to be the cleanest room in our house. No joke! It’s been hard to keep up with the newborn cluster feedings and our super active preschooler let alone make time to keep the entire house in tip top shape. Somethings gotta give though, right? I’m sure things will get back to normal soon enough (wishful thinking?) but in the mean time, you can find me enjoying our new clean space, nursing and burping our newborn, rocking her to sleep in the wee hours or perhaps changing some poopy diapers.

Abrazos — Gladys


P.S. Click on the links below to find out where we scored each item.


wall flower decor | eves creations |$60 | follow them on Instagram here

maskros pendant lamp | Ikea |$59.99

crib | target | old hand me down from big sis 😉

black out curtains | Overstock |$72


fuchsia Chair | world market | SALE $229.99

black + white pillow | Ikea | $5

wardrobe| Ikea | $99.99

closet shelves | Ikea | $87 | perfect to store baby blankets but you’ll notice most of ours are currently in the washing machine.

Baby Nursery - Ideas - Girl - Black and White - Pink - Flowers - Newborn

dresser | Living Spaces | $395

hello Love Frame | Hobby Lobby | $10 w/ coupon

Clearance white frames | TJ Maxx | $2-$9 | Mia, our preschooler, did the painting shown above for her little sisters room and we framed it. By far my favorite thing in our nursery.)

Baby Nursery - Ideas - Girl - Black and White - Pink - Flowers - Newborn

Baby Nursery - Ideas - Girl - Black and White - Pink - Flowers - Newborn




Easter Outfit Ideas For Mamás #TMOstyle

Easter-Collaboration-2015Easter is fast approaching and we wanted to share what’s currently hanging in our closets for the upcoming holiday. Whether you’re a pregnant mommy-to-be or a busy mom-on-the-go we’ve got you covered.

I’m excited to be collaborating with two other bloggers that also happen to be moms (or soon to be). We’re sharing sneak peeks of our Easter outfits. Three moms three different Easter outfits. I’m literally swooning over what these beautiful ladies have planned to wear this Easter Sunday along with their accessories. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourselves. Which style do you prefer or like best?

Meet The Mamás



Hi – I’m Alia. My blog,, is about my love for fashion. But fashion is not my number one love. That would be my adorable husband and then my almost as adorable cats and now soon to be baby boy due in May!

Fashion, to me, defines who we are.  I believe the way one looks before going out the door determines how a woman feels.  She should look lovely no matter her body type or age and any woman can achieve a certain look or unique style on any budget. There’s something about fashion that never ceases to fascinate me.  It’s literally in everything and that translates into clothing in an intriguing way.  Through personal experience, experimentation and inspiration I can offer insights on how to build a classy wardrobe piece by piece through but not limited to online shopping tips and tricks.

So come with me on this journey of domestic housewife plunders, everything involving a beauty counter, interesting eatables but mostly the big threes:  Clothes, shoes and purses.

photo (1)
Andrea is a 32 year old RN turned stay at home Catholic wife & momma of four kiddo’s under the age of nine. She’s a fashion blogger for by night, momma and wife by day and in her spare time loves to put her feet
on the pavement to refuel for another day. Sharing Real Mom Style for the busy moms out there. About

Hi there – I’m Gladys. Born and raised in sunny southern California. Married to my college sweetheart, Rey, and mamá to a sweet three-year-old princess. My blog is about our bilingual parenting adventures, toddler brain development activities, sprinkled in with do-it-yourself projects, healthy food recipes and style tips on a budget. It’s a one-stop shop to get a good laugh, a simple “oh I can relate to” moment, find your inner creativity or simply find a great pair of affordable shoes. A place to share mamá moments, advice and more importantly motivate one another. Let’s connect! 

3 Mamás 3 Easter Sunday Best Outfits


alia Blog:


Easter Outfit #TMOstyleBlog:

Total Outfit Under $60!