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It’s true how they say, kids grow up way too fast and with that goes their whole wardrobe. I mean, seriously. I just bought my little one a pair of sandals less than 3 months ago and they are now on their way to Goodwill! Her little body is growing way too fast for my pocketbook. At any rate, it’s another excuse for me to go bargain hunting for new clothes and shoes more so with this lovely spring-like weather we’ve been experiencing in SoCal. Apologies in advance to my east coast friends.

While at Target (also known as my second home) last week, I noticed these adorable gold gladiator sandals for toddlers. I just had to pull over and take Mia out of the shopping cart to try them on. Once these beauties were on her cute little feet she said to me, “mamá they’re comfy.” Naturally at $16.99 I had to get them, right? Plus, she needs a new pair so in they went into our shopping cart.

Fast forward to this week. I noticed Target had a toddler apparel sale so once again I had to pull over and see if they had any good deals. As always, they did! I found spring/summer shirts and shorts for $4. Then, I remembered to check my Target Cartwheel app as a friend of mine had posted on her facebook page that she got an additional discount on her daughters clothes. There it was. An extra 15% off the items I had selected. I paired the outfits with a few dollar bin accessories and this whole set came out to a whopping $19!

Be sure to check out the Circo Toddler BOGO 50% off sale before the deal ends. You can also use the additional 15% coupon from the Cartwheel app. Offer expires March 1st 2014.


Can’t wait to see Mia play dress up with the three Easter accessories I found in the Target dollar bins (i.e. bunny ear hair clips, white gloves and Easter white hat).





Mia Having Some Dole Pineapple Froyo With Her New Gladiator Sandals.





Cheers to bargain shopping!

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